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The course has a 3 modules which take the learner on a journey towards implementing a process of active care navigation to suit their individual practice. Active Care Navigation should be tailored to maximise the existing processes and services with each practice – one size does not fit all! Navigation is not just the domain of receptionists, it’s a whole practice process and, as such, it requires the input and participation of clinical, nursing and administrative staff working together. This course starts with the building bricks of navigation which is communication and goes on to apply this to the telephone as our main communication channel. The course culminates in a practical observation of active care navigation in a major practice and shares the tools which have worked well at the front line. The skills and competencies are mapped to the NHS Care Navigation Competency Framework – but more than this, the course aims to empower staff to build rapport with patients and to have the confidence to navigate patients for the right care at the right place at the right time.